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June 15, 2010


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Good post, Tricia! I haven't seen that commercial, but it sounds like it sums up everything I hate about modern parenting.

When James was a baby, his pediatricians seemed unnaturally fixated on Chuck E. Cheese. Several times, they told us not to take him there because it's so germy. (As if you'd take your first kid there as an infant, but of course I can see how third kids get dragged along to their older siblings' birthday parties. :))

Rasing Smart Girls

Okay, not to be persnickety, but is it pernicious snid or vermicious knid?


One of the weirdest accidents we had happen to us was when my daughter running inside school while waiting for me to register her for school and smacked her forehead right on the corner of a doorway and split it open.

So, yeah, one emergency room visit later and I live in constant terror of walls and doors. (Kidding, of course).

Accidents happen. I've learned to relax a lot over the years. Mostly because my worst fear is now over - what would happen if we had to go to the emergency room...I know what it's like and endured the screams of my child as her head was being glued shut (yeah...she was more freaked out by the IDEA of her head being glued shut than any real pain). I don't think she could have screamed louder if they used stitches or staples (like my other daughter had to have when she got her head split open by the wooden swingset we have).

Actually I'm more afraid of indoor play parks, inflatable jump houses and Chuck E Cheeses than bike or car accidents or abductions.

Though...I will say that when we take a cross country ride to Colorado in a few weeks, I'm going to have to ignore my irrational fear of a train collision or derailment - and we are taking a train because of my irrational fear of flying (yeah, me who took an international flight to Poland when she was 10 is now terrified of airplane crashes at nearly 40 - go figure).

The thing about fears is they are irrational, and the media's constant stream of bad things that can happen to you doesn't help.


Interesting post. I believe the reason for a higher risk of a car accident is because it moves so much faster than a bicycle or while the risk of being kidnapped is lesser since not many people does crimes like such.

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