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June 28, 2011


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meg wilson

Oh Tricia, I wish I would have gotten all the details from your and Rich's research before you left -- we are driving on our annual pilgrimage North too -- leaving Fri morning and am admittedly completely unprepared -- anyway you can zap me Richs list of hot spot diners and your places to see -- sounds like we are taking a similar route -- if not, no prob, i know you're on vaca and not on a rescue doug and megan mission -- continue to have safe and happy travels!!!


If you head home by way of Charleston, there's a really cool hot dog place north of Charleston, on Hwy. 17 N. called Jack's Cosmic Dogs. Really funky and fun. Check out their website. Sounds like a great (and memorable!) trip so far. Have a great time and a safe trip!

boracay resort

Did I just see the map of the Philippines in the first pic?:) hmmm. anyway, everything looks so fantastic. Hope you guys had fun.

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