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October 27, 2012


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My heart hurts for all you guys are going thru. I am thankful he was gifted to such loving, educated and compassionate parents. Others may be unable to fight as strongly for his needs to be met. Please continue to offer up a LOT of praise to him for all of the joy he provides in your life as well. ((((HUGS))))

Melissa Smallwood

This was so hard for me to read. My heart is breaking for you. There's nothing like a mother's love and Ean is lucky to have you! I never met Ean, but from all of the comments you've posted about him I know he's a terrific, sensitive kid - he's a writer like his mamma! Let's get together for that coffee next week whenever you are available.


It's so unfair - school is supposed to be fun, not miserable. And for Ean to try so hard and be told he is failing must be devastating. He's lucky to have you and Rich for parents, I know you won't stop until you find the right solution for him.

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